X3 Process Indicator

The new X3 Process Indicator provides an easy and reliable solution for process hopper scales with strain gauge load cells in process automation applications.


The X3 Process Indicator sets new standards in Process automation. The standard Ethernet TCP/IP interface allows an easy integration into existing PC networks. Information can be transferred into supervisory systems with the integrated OPC-Server technology.


The IP address can be assigned via the 3 following possibilities:

1. Manual input of the IP address by the user

2. Automatic assignment from a network server (DHCP)

3. Auto IP, self-assign by the instrument


If the IP Address is not known by the user, a small tool is scanning the complete network and displays IP address and name of all Sartorius Instruments that are connected to the network. With this function all instruments | scales can be clearly identified. The tool is delivered with the Process Indicator and can be used without installation.


There are three possibilities for the configuration. First is the configuration via the front keys. Second is the VNC-technology. This function enable the user to start the homepage of the instrument in the Microsoft Internet Explorer and do the configuration online. Third possibility is to use the tool ConfigureIt Professional. With this tool all configurations can be done online or offline and saved on the PC. This makes the administration of different systems very easy and well arranged.


The flexibility of the instrument with different options as serial and digital interfaces or fieldbus allows a simple integration into automation systems. Also a high resolution 0 | 4-20 mA analogue output card is available. With two interface slots, the system can easily be extended also years after the investment. This gives investment protection.


The X3 Process Indicator is available in a robust aluminium housing for front panel mounting. Utmost interference suppression and longterm stability guarantees optimum use in harshest environments. The LCD weight display with 18 mm characters is back lighted and transflective. It allows a good readability even under difficult conditions as e.g. direct sunlight. Three freely configurable digital In- and Outputs can control simple process functions, like limits. Take control direct on the display or via PC.


Do you think about Wireless LAN? Use the possibilities of the Ethernet TCP/IP. Remote Service via the Internet, allows support from every point of the world. The high-quality Sense-amplifier supports 4 and also 6 wire Load Cells. This allows connections over long distances without losing accuracy. Additional security guarantees the fully galvanically isolated sensor input circuit and supply from supply voltage and all in- | output circuits.





  • Ethernet TCP/IP Connection for Remote Control

  • Configuration via VNC

  • OPC Server

  • W&M approval with 10.000e acc. to EN 45501 / OIML R 76

  • Serial Interface RS232 for printer or remote display

  • 3 digital In- and 3 Outputs for limit function

  • Optional Interfaces:

  • Serial Interface (RS 232 or RS 422/485)

  • Analogue - / BCD Output

  • PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNET, Interbus-S, Modbus-TCP, CC-link)

  • Transflective LCD Display, back lighted

  • Panel Housing with IP 65 Front