PR 6211 Compact Compression

Load Cell

The PR 6211 range of load cells is specially designed for weighing silos, tanks and process vessels. The unique design principle facilitates a particularly compact construction and, as a result, the unit can be used even in restricted space conditions. The FlexLock installation kits counterbalance movements arising from mechanical or thermal expansion or contraction of the vessel or its supporting construction. A particular design characteristic of some models is the thin-film or “splutter” technology. This enables an operating temperature of up to 180°C to be reached. In addition, the small construction has integrated overload protection of 500kg. 





  • Easy to install in limited space

  • Easy corner adjustment by matched D1 load cell outputs

  • Full stainless steel construction

  • Wide temperature range

  • Resistant against vibrations

  • Hermetically sealed, IP68 (depth of 1.5 m for 10,000 hrs.), IP69K

  • Ex-version available (500kg...10t)

  • W&M approval (acc. OIML R 60)

  • Integrated overload protection for up to 300kg capacity


Load Cell Construction:

  • Hermetically sealed, welded stainless steel construction, filled with polyurethane and inert gas.



  • 1.4542 (DIN 17440) acc. to S604, S622 (B.S.)



  • IP 68, IEC 529 (equivalent to NEMA 6). The load cell can be submerged in water to a depth of 1.5m for 10,000 hours, IP 69K Rugged, flexible, screened; TPE thermoplastic Elastomere; Sheath: grey; PR 6211/..D1E, Colour: blue; PR 6211 LT: PFA Thermoplastic, Colour: red; Diameter: 5mm, wires 4 x 0,35mm2; PR6211/30… 300kg: 3mm, 4 x 0,13mm2; Length : 5m; PR6211/30... 300kg: 3m


Bending Radius:

  • Fixed installation: ≥ 50mm; Flexible installation: ≥ 150mm


Certificate of Conformity:

  • Valid for: PR 6211/… D1E (500kg… 10t); Feature: II 1G EEx ia IIC T6, II 1D IP65 85°C; Registration number: PTB 02 ATEX 2059, TÜV 03 ATEX 2301x