IS Weighing Platform


Weighing Platforms 

High-resolution weighing platforms available in various sizes and designs. They feature a choice of digital interface ports and can be supplied as High-Resolution Weighing Platforms from 0.001 g to 300 kg. Connected to an isi industrial terminal, these weighing platforms can be certified as class II and III weighing instruments for use in legal metrology (in compliance with EC Council Directive 90/384/EEC). The scales consist of a weighing system, electronics, housing, load plate and digital interface.






All weighing platforms can be connected to Minebea isi display and operator terminals, to Combics, to PLCs or PCs. The standard RS-485 interface is X-bus compatible. An RS-232C interface is optionally available. Power requirements range from 10.6 V DC to 30 V DC. This means no more pain with having to handle heavy, external test weights; and you won´t have to spend time and money on purchasing and upkeeping expensive test weights. This function assures ISO-compliant manufacturing operations by recording and documenting calibration and adjustment procedures. Plus, this function helps you control the accuracy of your inspection, measuring and test equipment, without any extra effort or cost.


High resolution:

High internal resolution guarantees reliable weight readouts, meaning the weighing data that you transmit to quality management and control systems has greater accuracy. Reference weights are precisely determined, e.g., in counting applications.


Verifiable for use in legal metrology:

All IS weighing platforms are verifiable as class Kweighing instruments for use in legal metrology, meaning you can use the IS scale in legal metrology within the EU without going through the red tape.


High manufacturing quality:

All Minebea Intec scales are manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 and feature advanced, high-performance technology and premium-grade materials, giving you low maintenance, long service life, and reliable weighing data over the long term.


Fast weighing results:

Enhanced technology allows fast weighing even under tough environmental conditions meaning you can be productive at a fast pace while obtaining reliable, “rock-steady” weighing data.


Stainless steel load plate:

All scales come standard with a stainless steel load plate (wrap-around design optional) and High IP rating for ideal protection leaving you with a rugged Easy to clean product.