IS Weighing Platforms EX

IS Weighing Platforms EX

Flexibility for use in hazardous areas with potentially explosive gas or dust atmospheres:

The IS-X series of intrinsically safe platforms can be used in Zones 1 and 2 (gases) and, independently of their maximum weighing capacity and IP rating, even in Zones 20, 21 and 22 (dusts). These platforms have ATEX, FM and CSA approval.


This series of platforms features a monolithic weigh cell and intelligent communication capabilities for use in automated systems in hazardous areas. If you later decide to retrofit the platform with an on-site display, no problem! IS-X series platforms are compatible with other Minebea products, for instance, with the Combics Ex indicator, that enables you to connect two IS platforms. All practical combinations with other Minebea products are documented in the Verification of Intrinsic Safety diagrams that are provided with each platform. In addition, the standard RS-485 interface (RS-232C|TTY 10 mA optional) enables the IS-X platform to communicate directly with a PC, PLC or other controller.


IS-X platforms can be networked with up to 8 devices. You can choose to power IS-X platforms using power supplies located within or outside a hazardous area or a rechargeable battery pack (see also “Accessories”).


The most advanced weighing technology for reliable weight readouts:

The monolithic weigh cell in IS-X platforms enables high resolution of approx. 600,000 digits. In combination with the evaluation electronics for display, these platforms deliver reliable weight readouts in less than 1.5 seconds – even when exposed to temperature fluctuations. The platforms can also be optimally adapted to the particular place of use thanks to the configurability of various filter and stability criteria.


The standard built-in motorized calibration weight makes it easy to monitor and control the accuracy of the IS-X scales used as inspection, measuring and test equipment.


Built-in overload protection safeguards the IS-X platforms in tough industrial environments. A configurable, electrically compensated preload of up to 20% of the weighing capacity lets you weigh using installed equipment on the platform, without reducing the scale’s original capacity. 


Use in legal metrology:

Intrinsically safe IS-X platforms are also available in a version that is verifiable for use in legal metrology: accuracy class K. The scales’ test certificate has been issued for compliance with EN 45501 (1992) and OIML R76-1 (1992). In addition, the platforms can be configured as multi-interval and multiple range scales.






  • For use in Zone 1,2 (BBE / CCE-models) or Zone 20, 1, 21, 2, 22 (EDE / IGG-models)

  • with monolithic weighing system and internal calibration weight

  • Data transfer via Zener barrier or interface converter

  • RS-485 data output as a standard (RS232, TTY10mA optionally available)